What is Retrēv? 

Retrēv is the newest way to network in the modern world. With NFC or QR technology, you can instantly send new connections to your personal Retrēv page and have them save your contact info, visit your social links, and much more!

Do you need an App? 

NO! Retrēv utilizes technology that exists in virtually all modern smart phones. Visit our home page to see a full list of devices compatible with Retrēv. 

Isn't this new tech expensive?

NO! For the cost of a set of premium business cards, Retrēv gives you the ability to share your information indefinitely! Unlimited taps! Unlimited contacts! 

We also give for free what our competition charges!   

Every Retrēv bundle comes with a Metal Business card, a plastic business card, and a phone sticker! 

How do people save my information? 

On your personal page, simply click "Save Contact" and your contact information will instantly download to the recipient's phone. After they select to save your information, they can quickly share their information back with you and it is stored safely in your online contact database.

What is Retrēv Pro? 

Retrēv Pro is a next level marketing tool. You can look at your pages "Tap Analytics" and see when an individual saves your contact info, how many contacts and devices you have connected with, as well as which links on your page gets the most attention!

Retrēv Pro also gives the ability to embed videos, photo galleries, PDFs, additional links, and much more! Upgrade after purchase to see what all you can get out of Retrēv Pro!

Can my card be hacked? 

Unlike our competition, our cards are assembled right here in the USA. We personally encode each Retrēv product before we send it to our customers, thus ensuring that no viruses could be placed in the chip from a foreign manufacturer.

Why choose Retrēv over the competition? 

There is much to unpack with this question.

1) Assembled by hand in U.S.A.

2) We give for free what our competition charges, i.e. Plastic card and Phone sticker. 

3) Easier to use software and simpler to interpret data gives you more time for your hustle and less time trying to navigate through our competitors' Apps.

4) Family owned and operated! If you still can't decide between us and the competition, fill out the contact form and watch how soon we get back to you with a phone call! No robots here, just amazing personal customer service!

How do I customize my card? 

In our products page, you can customize your card. Before adding to cart select "customize" this will allow you to place your preferred logo in the middle of your card, we also have an area for text at the bottom right of your card. Additional charges are implied for each customization. If you choose text only, your QR code will be laser engraved in the center of your card. If you place a logo in the center, your QR code will be placed in the most available corner of your card.