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Why you need a digital business card?

03 Aug 2022
Why you need a digital business card?

Why you Need a Retrēv Smart Digital Business Card? With Retrēv digital business cards, never leave your cards at home again. Instantly connect with potential clients and customers and direct them to your key info with convenience and ease. We eliminate the hurdle of your customer needing to type in and search for you on social media. With just a tap, they can elect to follow you on socials or view your product categories on your website, helping you gain more traction with networking. Powerful dashboards show how many true connections are being made, so you can be sure that your contact info is being stored in the phone of the recipient.

RETRĒV is the new way to network.

Our products are eye catching and deliver all of your key info with just a tap or scan to any smart phone! Retrēv is the newest way to network in the modern world. With NFC or QR technology, you can instantly send new connections to your personal Retrēv page and have them save your contact info, visit your social links, and much more! Never worry about reordering business cards again! With the RETRĒV matte black business card, you can share with an unlimited number of connections. 

  • Replace your outdated paper business cards with a Retrēv Digital Business Card!
  • Instantly send your key info such as contact info, social links, business sites and much more with only a tap or Scan.
  • Strongest NFC read range in its class.
  • Basic analytics included!
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