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Why choose Retrev Digital Business Card Products?

03 Aug 2022
Why choose Retrev Digital Business Card Products?
You get unlimited Taps with Retrēv. No need of Paper business cards.

Network in the modern world. With NFC or QR technology, you can instantly send new connections to your personal Retrēv page and have them save your contact info, visit your social links, and much more! Compatible with almost every smart phone!

Compatible with Android, Apple, and QR code Readers. Tap near the front top of the iPhones. Tap near to bottom middle of the android phones. QR code on the card is for additional compatibility.Powerful Dashboard

You can look at your pages "Tap Analytics" and see when an individual saves your contact info, how many contacts and devices you have connected with, as well as which links on your page gets the most attention!Safe & Secure to use with Enforced Security

Our cards are assembled right here in the USA. We personally encode each Retrēv product before we send it to our customers, thus ensuring that no viruses could be placed in the chip from a foreign manufacturer.
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